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What is the availability of the Flexibuster™?

The Flexibuster™ is currently available to UK, EU, USA, Australia, and  Indian customers. For a quotation, please click here. From Order to shipping usually takes about three months.

Why buy a Flexibuster™?

Buying a unit eliminates a waste disposal cost for organic waste and creates a source of energy which can be used on site to power various items (e.g. hot water heater, tractor, generator).

What is the average payback I can expect from a Flexibuster™?

The payback time can vary considerably based on the type of waste used in the system. We have estimated the unit will payback within 2-6 years, when using the grants available in the UK, USA, and France. We cannot however guarantee the energy output due to the variety of feedstock energy values.

How much waste is needed to create one household unit of power?

One cubic meter of waste creates one household unit of electricity.

Can I resell the Flexibuster™?

If you would like to express interest in distributing, re-selling or marketing our units, please complete our contact form. We are looking for resellers in the UK, USA and the EU. Training and purchase of stock is required.

How often does the Flexibuster™ need to be maintained?

The Flexibuster™ requires a check-up after six months of use, and then an annual maintenance visit.

What is the warranty period?

We offer a two year manufacturer’s product warranty with extension options subject to terms and conditions. You can purchase an extended warranty. Your installer will provide a warranty for their installation.

Where are the Flexibuster™ units manufactured?

The units are manufactured and assembled in the UK, Portugal and the USA depending on the module and the end user site location.

What is a CHP (combined heat&power)? See here: