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Case Studies

The first supermarket in Portugal

Biowaste production is estimated to be 120 million tonnes per year in the EU alone, increasing by 10% each year. At least 40% of this is landfilled or incinerated with only 25% energy recovery, due to a lack of alternatives. When the Portuguese supermarket chain Continente looked for ways of reducing their operating costs and [...]

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Using Flexibuster in a Commercial Bakery

A commercial bakery in the UK using the Flexibuster™ unit, our small AD unit, to create energy from its waste bakery products can pay for the unit in under 5 years.  This is based on certain assumptions: The most important factor is the type of waste and quantity that will be put into the Flexibuster™ [...]

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Golf and a Small Anaerobic Digester

Golf course associations and golf clubs around the world are looking at ways to improve the sport’s environmental criteria.  Sustainable developments and low carbon footprint operations are the name of the game.  As golf courses use fertiliser for the courses, power for the maintenance machinery, and power for the golf carts, there are many areas [...]

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