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ADLIB Recruitment: Product, People and Potential.

Our CEO Sandra’s conversation with ADLIB Recruitment: Product, People and Potential.

ADLIB Recruitment, based in the UK, works in the field of sustainability recruitment, focusing on energy, agriculture and environmental roles.

Our CEO Sandra Sassow participated in ADLIB’s interview series “Product, People and Potential” on 14th Apr, 2022, talking about the SEaB Energy’s history, her career path and the importance of a great team  for the success of scale-up businesses. 


We are always looking for passionate and dedicated people to join the SEaB team! Our company is a team of individuals who are passionate about sustainability and innovation, and transforming the world through sustainable development. We really appreciate the support from companies like ADLIB to help us tell our story and find new talent. You can find our opportunities for remote and hybrid roles on our careers page


In the interview, our CEO Sandra Sassow poke about how a cohesive team definitely is decisive to make the brand and the company growth and development itself. SEaB’s success would not have happened without the efforts of our co-founders Sandra Sassow, Nick Sassow and all the SEaB’s team, engineering, project management and sales. This article’s series focuses on people’s efforts and the interview clearly showed how important hard work and commitment from our team has been for SEaB’s success! Cohesion, flexibility and expertise in our projects and efforts definitely make all the difference.


Whilst speaking about the company story, Sandra discussed how innovating has been a challenge since the founding of the company. SEaB;s story starts in 2003, in the middle of research about renewable energy strategies. Our co-founders Nick and Sandra understood how waste management and energy generation technology was only at large scale and centralised. These projects required huge infrastructure planning and only served urban communities meaning rural areas were often underserved. So what next? They came up with the idea of small-scale, on-site energy generation including small anaerobic digesters and small wind turbines. 


The company was founded and grew rapidly to include more researchers and experts in renewable energy engineering! What came next?! This is an important part of our history ! Muckbuster® and Flexibuster™, modular containers! The company focused on the potential of reducing waste management emissions from transport and organic waste became the source of energy. Flexibuster and Muckbuster were designed to be efficient, on site renewable energy generators which are efficient at small scale to meet the market requirements.


The ADLIB series focused on how we developed our innovative technology which is disrupting and rethinking conventional waste management. 

Many of you may think our innovation was easy and linear, but this is not true! There were barriers, problems and doubts in any business but along the way we had many developments and discoveries due to the passion and dedication of our team! 


We adapt in what is possible and we work to develop our expertise to all the goals. The Seab’s history has been based on diversifying and taking risks. Our company’s journey has made us understand the most important places to spend time and effort on, which was highlighted in the article. We have developed globally, and have many cross cultural relationships with customers and partners which have allowed us to adapt to the new world of remote work since 2018. 


We’re always looking for new talent, and you can find our opportunities for remote and hybrid roles on our careers page


Sandra’s approach for networking is a bonus for those who read the full article!

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