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Small Anaerobic


Small-scale anaerobic digesters use an organic waste treatment technology that turns waste to digested slurry yielding valuable fertilizer, along with biogas that can be used for energy.  Some, such as SEaB’s Flexibuster® and Muckbuster® produce electricity from waste to increase ROI (Return On Investment) and support renewable energy initiatives.

The use of Small Anaerobic Digesters is growing at the fastest pace in history.

They serve to process waste on-site, reduce transportation costs and energy use, and generate power in the form of biogas and/or electricity and heat.  SEaB produces the award-winning Muckbuster® and Flexibuster®, with a series of key benefits.


Designed to capture the energy locked in a wide range of animal waste and slurries, Muckbuster® is an ideal solution for farms producing 1 to 8 tons of organic waste daily. Delivered to site ready to plug-and-play, the Muckbuster® containerized anaerobic digester safely turns all types of animal waste into useful, valuable grey water, fertilizer, electricity and heat.


Like Muckbuster®, Flexibuster® captures the energy from organic waste streams. Flexibuster® is an ideal solution for any business producing 1 to 5 tons of organic waste daily. Delivered and ready for use, the Flexibuster® containerized anaerobic digester includes a pasteurization process, and safely turns all types of food waste into useful, valuable grey water, fertilizer, electricity and heat.


Housed in a small, modular footprint using shipping containers, they can be located conveniently in a parking lot; even indoors.


Greatly reduces odor.


Bio-mass is drastically reduced in volume to compost and water. 


SEaB Digesters Generate clean energy income from organic waste; reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.

SEaB Energy manufactures award-winning waste-to-energy technology.

Our containerized Anaerobic Digestion units, the Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster®, turn organic waste into energy, exactly at the point where the waste is produced and the energy is required. Designed to be a modular and scalable technology, they are ideally suited to small to medium scale sites that produce between 1 and 5 tons of organic waste per day.

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