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In the USA, Small Wind Reaches 100 MW Milestone in 2009

The U.S. market for small wind turbines grew 15% in 2009 with 20.3 Megawatts (MW) of
new capacity and $82.4 million in sales, and about 10,000 new units installed. Growth attributed to new and improved federal and state incentives, optimistic private equity investors, and sustained consumer demand.

Consumers are interested in small wind, but some are delaying their purchasing decisions due to lack of available financing. As the economy recovers, a surge of sales and installations is anticipated.

On grid installations in 2010 reached 5200 units, and the off-grid installation reached 15,500 globally.

The AWEA has published estimates of 13M suitable landed homes in the USA for small wind. The growth markets have been the Midwest, Northeast, upper Midwest and California. USA comprises half the global demand for small wind.

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