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Household ‘digester’

Household ‘digester’ gets energy back from poop

Heeding nature’s call is unavoidable, but at least SEaB Energy’s Muckbuster® lets you cash in on your family’s number twos (numbers two?).

The Muckbuster® is a self-contained anaerobic digester, built inside a repurposed shipping container. It can produce renewable energy from any organic materials — animal waste, grass clippings or the stuff bound for the septic tank. In a month-long process, bacteria break down the organic materials and produce methane, a gas that can then be burned to produce electricity.

This kind of technology is usually found on large-scale farms or municipal solid-waste sites where fuel is, well, plentiful. But SEaB has shrunk it down, allowing you to squeeze two kilowatt hours of power — about half of what a typical American home consumes — from 100 gallons of organic waste.

If you’re wondering what you’ll need to eat to get that much waste, it’s about the “production” equivalent to what 10 horses would “process” from munching hay.

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