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Double Roc’s from the 1st of April in the UK!


Good Energy suppliers have just announced that as from the 1st April they will pay 15p per kWh for all electricity generated from renewable energy systems up to 6kW, including small wind turbines and solar PV systems. This is a huge increase from the previous price of 10p per kWh. This rate applies to all energy generated, even if you consume it yourself, meaning not only do you save the cost of paying for the electricity, but you also earn 15p per kWh in addition. This is a highly attractive option for home owners of our WINDBUSTER small wind turbine or MUCKBUSTER anaerobic digester, dramatically reducing payback times.

These increased rates have been made possible by the introduction by the Government of Double ROCs on the 1st April. This has increased the ROC income for all electricity generated by renewable energy systems up to 50kW, from around 5p to 10p per kWh, and has therefore enabled the energy providers to increase the rates they can pay. Even if you are not eligible for one of the above schemes, you can still claim your ROCs directly thereby increasing the income from your system.

When WINDBUSTER generates an average of 5kW per hour, it earns you 75p/hour, that’s £18/day, or £6570 per year! Pay for the WINDBUSTER just over 3 years.

Use a MUCKBUSTER for horse manure management, 5 horses generate 1kW per hour, so 15p/hour, £3.60/day, £1314 per year. Pay for the MUCKBUSTER in under 4 years.

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