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Business Green Leaders Awards 2022

 The 2022 Business Green Leaders Awards ceremony is one week away, it’s one of the most prestigious green business celebrations in the UK and highlights companies that are contributing to sustainable development. 

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Sandra Sassow has been shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of the Year category. We are excited and grateful for this nomination to show the power of the impact of our leadership! Sandra has been recognised globally as a role model for women in business innovation, and as a leader in green tech business and technological development. To be shortlisted for an award is an honour and an opportunity to disseminate how to lead and guide successful projects.

SEaB has a powerful leadership and works toward a future in which cities or remote communities can capitalise on their waste to create renewable sources of energy and curb the negative impacts of waste collection processes. As an entrepreneur, Sandra’s efforts have increased the potential of SEaB as a team committed to developing technology and innovation projects. 

We’re so proud that our Flexibuster™ system has been shortlisted for the Circular Economy Project of the Year Award. Together, SEaB’s team has designed and commercialised the patented FLEXIBUSTER™ & MUCKBUSTER™ on-site organic waste recycling systems that use a biological process called anaerobic digestion (AD) to convert organic waste into biogas (or heat/cooling & electricity), water, and organic fertiliser. 

Nowadays, it is not that simple to invest in a sustainable business and undertake a sustainable business proposal. Unfortunately, UNEP (2022) reported that only 8,6% of the companies around the world are circular and based their business model on sustainable development goals by the United Nations. 

By investing in a green and profitable business, SEaB faces a daily challenge – undertaking green business and breaking paradigms of the linear economy. It, too, faces challenges that this economic model more easily meets in an extremely impactful way, socially and environmentally. The current “take, make, dispose of” model is a practice that has been losing traction in the market for people and companies that look for sustainable solutions to sourcing resources, products, and managing waste. SEaB’s technology contributes to providing a solution to circular waste management. Over time our impact continues to grow and contributes to minimising pollution and waste, working with the potential of bio-waste on farms and in urban areas. 

According to the World Economic Forum’s Circular Economy Report (2022), green business promotes sustainability and innovative technologies and can yield up to $4.5 trillion in economic benefits by 2030. The ceremony is an important moment for SEaB to build a great network and establish an interest in trade and economic cooperation for the circular economy. We are proud of the work done at SEAB and in how we undertake ideas and values. It positively affects the environment and communities. We want to demonstrate the power of sustainable business to society and how we can contribute to the circular economic transition as a unity.

View the full shortlist here.

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