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Axon Partners Group Leads Investment Round Alongside Enagas Emprende

Axon Partners Group Leads Investment Round Alongside Enagas Emprende

We are very excited to announce our lead investors Axon Partners Group, through their new fund Next Utility Ventures which aligns with their energy transition strategy. Next Utility Ventures is the venture capital investment platform of Empresas Publicas de Medellin – EPM, one of the largest utility corporations in Latin America that provides services across 6 countries throughout 7 business segments, serving more than 11.5 million customers.

They joined our existing investors Enagás Emprende who increased their shareholding in this round. Enagás Emprende is the Corporate Venture arm of Enagás which invests, collaborates and accelerates innovative projects and technologies in the field of energy transition with special emphasis on renewable gases (Biogas and Hydrogen), sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and digitalisation in general.

Energy Transition and Circular Economy

With the support of Axon Partners Group and Enagás Emprende, our main objective is to accelerate our Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® solution penetration into Europe, Latin America and the USA. Our solution is a disruptive circular economy technology which creates electricity, heat, water and fertiliser from biodegradable waste, right at the point of waste generation. The Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® are modular, containerised micro anaerobic digesters. They are easy to install and feasible at a small scale where large scale solutions are not commercially viable. This is the optimal solution to rethink how we manage waste, and future proof energy and resource infrastructure.

Thanks to the combined experience offered by Axon and the knowledge of the Latin American market led by Ventures EPM, we are confident of the exponential growth we will have in the Americas in the medium term.

Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy

We are delighted to invest in this company led by Sandra, an entrepreneur with a proven track record in leading world-class innovative companies. To SEaB, we hope to bring the best of both worlds, on the one hand, all the knowledge and experience that Axon can offer as a manager and, on the other hand, all the technical knowledge and commercial exposure offered through the Ventures EPM programme. With this combination, we expect SeaB Power to continue to make an impact internationally by offering small-scale waste-to-energy solutions

Miguel Vallone, Head of Direct Investment at Axon Partners Group

Flexibuster™ processing food waste

About Axon Partners Group:

Axon is a global alternative investment and strategic advisory firm with a unique positioning and high specialisation in technology. It combines international experience in top-tier VCs with global advisory and consulting, establishing itself as a leading firm in identifying high-impact investments that promote energy transition and sustainability in the utilitytech sector and energy efficiency-related technologies. Axon is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange (BME Growth) with a trading price of €19.10.

Read Axon Partners Group’s press release HERE.

About EPM:

EPM is a multinational household utilities company with more than 14,000 employees and 12 million customers in 6 countries (Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Chile). It focuses on the businesses of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialisation of energy, commercialisation of natural gas, management of drinking and wastewater and waste management. It is projected as a multi-Latin business group of 48 companies, being a benchmark in operational excellence, reputation and transparency. Ventures EPM is the Corporate Venture Capital programme investing in innovative entrepreneurs associated with the EPM Group’s businesses since 2013.

About Enagás:

Enagás Emprende acquired 13% of SEaB Power in 2019, and has been supporting our activities throughout Europe and exploring opportunities in Latin America. Enagás is a multinational household utilities company with more than 1,300 employees and active in 8 countries. Enagás has 50+ renewable gas projects underway, and is committed to being Carbon Neutral by 2040.

Find out more about SEaB Power’s award winning Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® Products

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