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World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022

Today, UK-based members of the SEaB team are attending the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022, hosted by the Anaerobic Digestion & Bio-resources Association (ADBA). This event is a global call to discuss the conference theme: “Leadership Forum of Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas”.

Globally, we are currently facing major challenges which are pertinent to the AD sector. The huge energy and fertiliser price spikes along with the overarching challenges presented by combating climate change require urgent initiatives including the rapid implementation of anaerobic digestion technology whilst protecting sustainable development initiatives. The World Biogas Association aims to reduce global GHG emissions by 10% by 2030 according to sustainable development goals. This summit put methane at the centre of all speeches. Anaerobic Digestion has the potential to reduce global GHG emissions by 3,290 to 4,360 Mt CO2 eq., which is equivalent to 10-13% of all greenhouse emissions. 

This industry sector is recognised as one of the essential tools to counteract the climate crisis. By bringing together experts in the global AD sector, we hope the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022 will help us innovate and partner with like-minded professionals to disrupt the world of sustainable waste management and AD.

Anaerobic Digestion can prevent methane emissions while producing natural fertiliser, renewable energy and bio-methane. With the current energy and fertiliser price rises, this is a game-changer for the investment opportunities of on-site waste management. Our patented Flexibuster and Muckbuster technology is a modular, containerised small-scale anaerobic digestion system being installed around the world and ready to deploy at scale. As a circular economy solution, AD deployment has a ripple effect – encouraging sustainable practices across society.

By investing in sustainable waste management, we recapture resources from waste, avoid organic waste in landfills and reduce poverty levels, reduce CO2 emissions from the transport of waste and generate cost savings and autonomy for the company that chooses to take responsibility for their waste on-site.

We are excited to discover new technological innovations in our sector and contribute to the conversations around micro AD and on-site biogas production!

For our team at SEaB, the relevance of this conference is unquestionable as the main product of our AD systems is biogas. It has the power to change the future. Businesses can act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably) a green future by investing in our planet earth.

See you at the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022!

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