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Golf and a Small Anaerobic Digester – Can the sport reduce its carbon footprint by converting waste-to-energy on-site?

Golf course associations and golf clubs around the world are looking at ways to improve the sport’s environmental criteria.  Sustainable developments and low carbon footprint operations are the name of the game.  As golf courses use fertiliser for the courses, power for the maintenance machinery, and power for the golf carts, there are many areas [...]

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Views of the News – March 2009

PEAK OIL: WHEN WILL WE REACH IT? HOW HAVE WE CALCULATED IT? WHY IS THE MEASURE IMPORTANT Peak oil is when maximum production of oil extracted. It is indicated by decreasing amounts of petroleum discovered, explored and extracted annually. Oil exploration in the west started in 1850. By 1910, most oil fields were identified, but [...]

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