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Sustainable Women’s Network Panel Discussion

On 14th June, Sandra Sassow the Co-Founder and CEO of SEaB Energy represented our company, at Sustainable Women’s Network event: How to Fundraise for Sustainable Business. This event was organized by Sustainable Women Network, in London. Sandra participated in the Panel Female Founders fundraising journey featuring the founders of Sojo and Planera Care. This panel debate the power of female leadership.

To participate in these events and an attempt to intensify our network in this green and sustainable business market.
Last tuesday was more than an opportunity to talk about the impact of female leadership but also, to share with important women some of the work we do in our start-up. It is always important to highlight the importance of It encouraging the exchange of experiences, challenges and learning.

Bild a successful leadership through mutual support, authenticity and accountability, true collaboration coalesces into more than was thought possible. It is about entrepreneurs and business leaders who value a delicate balance. Knowledge and courage to innovate.
The sustainable business market is a potential target for women. Gender inequity can impact the business and increase the risks in this booming market. Women’s economic empowerment holds is fundamental to the development of the sector.

Investing in environmental technologies is a challenge and we are ready to lead our projects and contribution to the circular economy transition.

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