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SEaB Energy meets world’s media at COP21

COP21 is the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, and probably the most important gathering of its kind ever. The conference will put in place targets, agreed by all nations around the world, that will limit carbon output and will effectively phase out large-scale fossil-fuel burning power stations. The conference’s focus is, therefore, firmly on renewables and particularly innovations that can replace fossil fuels and tackle some of the world’s other major issues including waste, fuel-poverty and pollution.

It was very appropriate therefore for SEaB Energy and its CEO, Sandra Sassow, to be invited to meet the world’s media at COP21 and to demonstrate how the Flexibuster and Muckbuster can replace polluting diesel-powered generators whilst at the same time eliminating the land-filling of organic waste. Our ‘power in a box’ units that also provide cost and carbon savings to businesses, smart cities, island nations and remote communities.

On Friday 4th December Sandra presented at Breakthrough Night (http://www.breakthroughnight.fr/) at the Grand Palais – an event organised by Sparknews which included a TV slot with the French channel BFM.

The following day, Sandra followed UN leader Ban Ki Moon and French President Francois Hollande on to the stage to speak to the world’s media. Stay tuned for some incredible coverage!

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