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Sandra Sassow celebrated in ‘Women in Sustainability’

International Women’s Day on 8 March put a fantastic focus on the role that women play in all walks of life, and as the month comes to a close, Marcela Navarro, head of customer innovation at RBS, has been paying special tribute to the incredible work that women do, day in day out, in pursuit of sustainability and business. The two are undeniably linked now that ‘green’ and ‘CSR’ have moved from the fringes of corporate life into the heart of our boardrooms and business models. 

Included in the tribute featured on edie.net is our very own CEO, Sandra Sassow. Below is an extract but to read the full article please visit here.

Sandra Sassow

Sandra Sassow + Flexibuster

Sandra Sassow is the CEO and co-founder of SEaB Energy. Based in Southampton, SEaB is an award-winning manufacturer of small scale micro power plants – made from converted shipping containers – which use a patented microbial-based technology to convert food waste into energy. 

Sandra’s innovation is rapidly building a global reputation, with awards from the UK government and the NASA-backed sustainability initiative ‘LAUNCH: Beyond Waste’. SEaB has been named as one of the most innovative, fastest growing Cleantech companies in Britain and one of five most promising women-led companies from a global pool over 100 businesses. And Sandra is now working on an exciting trial with BaxterStorey, RBS’ corporate caterers. 

Here we share some of Sandra’s female words of wisdom: “Distributed power generation is changing the balance of power by allowing everyone to create their own source of energy. We are game changers in the circular economy, to make sure that everyone has access to sustainable energy in remote areas. Good people can grow and nurture themselves into challenging roles, you just need to create the space for them. I like the challenge of having to convince, create and establish something from scratch. The biggest challenge is to put your ego aside, not let your own pride get in the way, and just side step and get out of the way to ensure your reach your end goal.” 

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