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MUCKBUSTER® Small AD product handles food waste, brewery waste, sewage and manure…in a container.

Our game changing small AD technology, MUCKBUSTER® and SEaB MB400, brings processing power to breweries, bakeries, dairies and supermarkets.  No longer needing to move the waste offsite with costly contracts, these businesses can focus on improving sustainability in other areas.  MUCKBUSTER® is designed to sit safely and comfortably in a public environment, with Health and Safety and ease of use being an integral part of the design of the unit.

In addition, soil improvement is part of the MUCKBUSTER®, through the production of fertiliser which can be submitted for Soil Association approval.  The fertiliser is a standard liquid fertiliser which can be used without modification to your fertiliser spray system, as the solids are removed.  The unit is designed to produce fertiliser to the WRAP PAS110 standard.

SEaB Energy set out to provide distributed power and a new way to handle waste.  Your business or community can now benefit from this technology.  Ease of use and safety are the two primary aspects of our CE marked unit.

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