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SEaB Selected for the Microsoft AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator

Microsoft selects AI start-ups including SEaB Energy to accelerate progress on environmental sustainability

We have been selected among a group 10 of innovative companies focused on reducing carbon emissions and waste, preserving water and protecting ecosystems to take part in Microsoft’s AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator programme. Microsoft’s AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator programme focuses on reducing carbon emissions and waste, preserving water, and protecting ecosystems. 

The programme, launched in collaboration with the Met Office and Social Tech Trust, will support the cohort through a four-month programme to advance their environmental solution using AI.

The start-ups that complete the programme will receive Microsoft Azure cloud credits, and advice from experts on AI, technology, commercial development, and social impact. The scheduled workshops to be carried out are aimed at AI Curriculum, Commercial Curriculum, Climate Curriculum, and Social Impact Curriculum. Microsoft, in partnership with the Met Office and Social Tech Trust is providing valuable networking opportunities and funding support to scale up the companies. 

SEaB has been selected to improve our product performance and technological capabilities and company’s commercial strategies. Our team is ready and willing to learn and increase our knowledge and contribute to the development of the company.  As proposed we will work with Microsoft to build relationships to scale our solutions to environmental progress. 

SEaB must acquire mechanisms to deal with the challenges that every small business faces. We expect that the final result of our participation in the Microsoft AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator  will be the possibility to increase our impact globally.

This week as part of the accelerator program, members of our team are participating in a Hackathon to advance our Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® on site waste management solutions by harnessing the power of AI. 

Last month, we joined our cohort and programme partners, investors and Microsoft’s UK Chief Sustainability Officer, Musidora Jorgensen, for a kick-off event at Microsoft’s UK headquarters in Reading on March 31.

Read microsoft’s article here.

Other companies include:

Modulous (London): Modulous creates a globally scalable model for the design and delivery of homes that are sustainable, cost effective and promote wellbeing for residents

Materials Nexus (London): Materials Nexus is using AI to speed up the discovery of sustainable material alternatives

Scrapp (Edinburgh): Scrapp makes recycling simple, fun and rewarding

CO2Analysis (Hampshire): CO2Analysis makes Scope 3 emissions easy and quick to analyse

Treeconomy (London): Treeconomy generates financial value from ecosystem services and natural capital, using an offset-as-a-service business model

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