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DECC consultation on Feed in Tariffs (FITs) for the UK market – What’s being proposed? What does it all mean for WINDBUSTER™ and MUCKBUSTER™ customers? GOOD NEWS, we think!

1. The FITs will be in place by April 2010
2. Those on ROCs will be converted automatically
3. Three financial rewards:

a. Generation tariff (how much will you be paid for just making the energy using Windbuster™ or the Muckbuster™)
i. MUCKBUSTER™ 11.5p/kWh with no annual degression
ii. WINDBUSTER™ 23.0 p/kWh with 3% annual degression

b. Export tariff (how much you can sell the energy for)
i. Minimum of 5p/kWh, but you can look for more through utility company offers

c. Displaced Import (how much energy you would have paid for, if you weren’t generating your own)
4. You will be eligible for the entire 20 year period of the FITs!
5. Unit and Installer must be MCS certified – our MUCKBUSTER™ and WINDBUSTER™ should be certified end of year 2009, in time for the new tariffs to kick in!

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