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Our Thoughs on World Environmental Day

World Environment Day takes place every year on the 5 of June and was established by UNEP in 1974. This year, World Environmental Day was hosted by Sweden, the country responsible for promoting what the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP, 2022) designated as “the largest global platform for environmental public outreach”. The hashtag #ONLYONEEARTH is [...]

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We’re Celebrating Earth Day 2022

International Earth Day 2022 Earth Day is a global celebration of the planet’s clean and natural resources. In recent years, Earth Day has been used to raise awareness of climate change and promote local and global actions to protect the environment. Earth day is a day for recognising the collective responsibility for rethinking actions that cause [...]

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CEO Sandra Sassow is at COP26 UKRI panel discussion on the importance of diversity in innovation for tackling climate change.

The importance of diversity in innovation for tackling climate change. SEaB Energy CEO Sandra Sassow will be attending COP26 as part of UKRI. Join us virtually or in person at COP26 at the Innovate UK panel discussion on "the importance of diversity in innovation for tackling climate change", where sandra will be speaking about [...]

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Sacyr innovation summit

Sacyr Innovation Summit: SEaB Power shortlisted in the sustainable campus iChallenge. Sacyr iChallenges is one of the pillars of Sacyr’s innovation and digital transformation strategy, based on teamwork and co-creation with the innovation ecosystem on a global scale. This edition of iChallenges has received 245 proposals, from 25 different countries. SEaB Power Ltd was [...]

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SEaB at TED Countdown to COP26

Sandra Sassow at the TED Countdown Summit for COP26 After four jam-packed days of inspiring talks at the Ted Countdown Summit from October 12-15th in Edinburgh, Sandra Sassow is gearing up for COP26 where she aims to drive meaningful strides towards net zero for waste management whilst improving the liveability and resilience of our [...]

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