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Resource Revolution Award Winner

Resource Revolution Award Winner2017-06-01T13:42:17+01:00

13th May 2013; SEaB Energy, the multi award winning manufacturer of small scale and micro Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems, added yet another prestigious trophy to the cabinet by winning the edie.net organised Resource Revolution Award for the ‘Technology Trailblazer: Energy-from-Waste’ category.


The Awards, held at the Hotel Russell in London on Friday 10th May, were presented to those exemplary companies leading the charge to a closed loop economy. Speaking at the event, Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy, commented, “We’re thrilled to be honoured by Resource Revolution which both recognizes the importance of ‘at source AD’ and the unique nature of our product offering”


SEaB’s pioneering MuckBuster® and FlexiBuster™ small-scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems are housed in a transportable container, enabling them to be easily delivered and installed, and convert organic and food waste into electricity. These systems are suitable for use by food manufacturing plants, micro-breweries and bakeries as well as larger catering establishments, shopping centres and leisure parks. The systems can also process organic waste generated by farms and equestrian centres.


With the introduction of feed-in tariffs and a range of other financial incentives, on site AD is now becoming much more attractive for food and organic waste producers. As well as the resultant biogas produced by the AD unit, which can be fed into the National Grid, the PAS110-compliant digestates can be sold as organic fertilisers or mulch.  AD at source also removes the need to transport waste from one location to another which, in the current market, can involve journeys of considerable distance, and so is a perfect example of self-sustainability and closed loop recycling.


Awards are coming thick and fast for SEaB Energy. Last year the company was selected from over five hundred applicants by the NASA backed sustainability initiative, ‘LAUNCH: Beyond Waste,’ as a provider of a global game-changing technology to address climate change. The company was also chosen as one of the 16 most innovative and fastest growing Cleantech companies in Britain. And then scooped the 2012 AD & Biogas Association Industry Award for Best Micro AD Project (<250kWh).