Horticulture Week – Solent Turf impressed with digestate as chemical fertiliser replacement for Turf

Solent Turf’s successful trial of our digestate as fertiliser has been reported by Horticulture Week.

The trial is of huge interest as digestate is still a relatively new source of alternative fertiliser. Robert Hack, owner and managing director of Solent Turf said “Given its performance, and the fact that the digestate is 100 per cent organic, we believe that that a wide range of growers will place increasing value on this natural feedstock.”

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Biocycle Energy’s feature on SEaB Energy

Biocycle have written a three page spread on SEaB covering everything from the ideas behind the creation of the first innovative Muckbuster, right through to cases on active sites.

To view the article please use this link:  DBiocycle Energy p30 SEaB Micropower DR

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AD & Biogas 2012, Stand E3, NEC, Birmingham, UK

The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association’s (ADBA) third annual trade show and conference, UK AD & Biogas 2012 will this year focus specifically on demonstrating where anaerobic digestion can offer the best benefits to Local Authorities, and the food and farming industries. 

Continuing the groundbreaking growth achieved since its inception, it will also offer more exhibitors, more visitors and more feature areas on anaerobic digestion and biogas than ever before. Showcasing why AD is the missing link to achieving maximum waste and resource management, climate-smart farming and sustainable food production, this event will show not only how beneficial the integration of AD can be but how it can be most successfully achieved.

200 Exhibitors

3,000 Visitors



As a Fruit Grower or Packer, can you make money from your waste? Absolutely!

The commercial growing and packing sector will be intimately familiar with the quantity of waste produced during the processing of the various fruits and vegetables they handle.  The ultimate destination of this waste is what is changing.

Landfill, animal feed, recycling and now Anaerobic Digestion are all destinations for the waste from this sector.  Landfill used to account for a large proportion of the waste in this sector. For example, 4.4 million uneaten apples in the UK being thrown away each day in Britain in 2008, most of them ending up in landfill.  This sparked the “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign to reduce the amount of food being wasted in British homes.

Commercial growers and packers are looking for options which are cost effective and will bring some benefit to their businesses.  MB400, SEaB Energy’s small containerised Anaerobic Digester, is the answer.  The unit will take the onsite waste and turn it into valuable electricity, heat, fertiliser and mulch.  MB400 is unique, processing 0.5 – 2.5 tonnes in a single unit per day (200 – 100 tonnes per year).  This capacity can be scaled by deploying multiple units per site. The unit arrives ready to use, self-optimises and can be remotely monitored for ease of maintenance.

Table from the Fruit and Vegetable Resource Map, WRAP, June 2011